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can you tell the story of your company in 90 secs?

Trendline Network Limited is a video production company based in Nairobi. We help people create a compelling video to tell a story in 90 or less seconds. We produce sales videos that converts viewers into followers then finally to buyers. With good nurturing, you can quickly get good referrals from them.  

Our productions are targeted on viewers on Social Media Networks and sharing on Watsapp or other mobile messaging platforms. 

You can tell your story in different styles that suites your audience. 

Our goal is to use stories to market your products and services.  This is what defines us as a company. We love telling positive stories that inspires and impacts viewers to grow.

We also help companies and small businesses produce top-notch quality video, tailor targeted marketing and PR campaigns to generate maximum coverage through video, TV broadcast and online visual media.



We have over 5 years of experience working for corporate organisations and NGO’s.

We are experts at steering the media landscape – be it handling interviews or producing Television programs. We know what your target audience are looking for.

We know how to write an exceptional sales copy that will quickly generate sales and conversions for your organisation. 


  • Tailored, targeted PR campaigns to generate maximum coverage in TV broadcast and online media
  • Strategies to raise the profile of your organisation and brand through video
  • Creative content for all electronic media platforms – audio, video, online


There are two thing we can guarantee about our film production services;

  1. It will not be cheap
  2. It will be worth every penny

Once we enter into a contract with your organisation, we will work hand in hand with your team until we achieve your envisioned media marketing success. We guarantee 110% satisfaction guarantee. We are happy when you are happy.