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Video Productions services

If you are looking for a professional video production team to work with you in marketing your next project, then you are in the right place. We would love to produce for you a video that will get sales for your products and services.We follow the right production procedure which is broken into stages as follows. 

1. Pre-production - Pre-production is a fairly loose term which refers to the tasks undertaken before production begins. Exactly what is included in this stage depends on the medium and situation.

For us pre-production may refer to everything that happens before shooting begins, for example, meeting with the client, research, story boarding, location planning, etc.

For feature films, pre-production is more specific and only begins when other milestones have been met such as financing, screenplay, casting and major staffing.

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2.Video/Film shooting - Commonly referred to as Production. We manage both small and big film projects across Eastern Africa. 

The projects includes Corporate videos, Music video, Films,Television broadcast, Event videos, Marketing videos, Internet videos, Training videos and many more. 

Production refers to the part of the process in which footage is recorded. This is what most people imagine when they think of a film being made — actors on sets, cameras rolling, etc. The production phase is also known as principal photography.

We have professional cinematographers, who have a vast experience to record all kinds of professional videos & films.

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3. Video/film Editing and production - Also known as Post-production. Its is the third and final major phase of the production process. It is often referred to simply as post, e.g. "We can sort that out in post". There are many things which can happen in post-production. Common tasks include:

· Editing video footage

· Editing the soundtrack, adding sound effects, music, etc.

· Adding titles and graphics

· Colour and exposure correction

· Adding special effects

· Re-shooting certain scenes if required ("pick-up" shots)

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